Everyone has their own craze for the motorbikes. We keep checking out the latest in the market and also plan to buy one at one point of time. With the two-wheeler industry soaring, there are plenty of motorbikes in the market now. Let’s have a look at them:

5.  Honda CBR500R

CBR is one of the hit series from the Honda and it has come out with the latest 500R. This is a 471cc bike is out with a better and revised suspension, great smoothness and torque, new exhaust coupled with new styling. It is one of the recommended buys for the first time riders due to its nimble size, low cost and easy handling.

4.  Kawasaki Z125 Pro

The Z125 model from Kawasaki is one of the ultra compact and light weight motorbikes. It weighs only around 225 lbs and costs less than $3000. This is not one of the sports bikes that can hit the runway but is one of the best for the commercial use. It has low 31.7 inch seat height which makes it easy for a person of any stature.

3. Victory Octane

This is one of the best bikes of the year. It is 1200 liquid cooled V-Twin and it delivers a horsepower of 104 and a torque of 76 lb/ft. It comes in the jet black color which adds to the look and its suspension has been calibrated to give it a sportier look too.

2. Ducati Super Sport

Unlike the sports bikes which compromise on comfort, Ducati Super Sport is one of the most comfortable sports bikes that can be used on a daily purpose. It weighs around 463 pounds and is a 937cc liquid cooled L-Twin. It has a horsepower of 113 and has a 9000 rpm. This is one of the best models of Ducati till date.

1. Harley Davidson Road Glide

A motorbike list cannot end with its boss right? This Harley Davidson model is 1753cc Milwaukie Eight V-Twin Beast. It also has redesigned the suspension to ride and handle better with some minor changes in the engine too. Definitely worth a buy if you are ready to shell a few dollars.

Hence, these are some of the best picks of the motorcycles this year.

The Best Motorbikes to Buy in 2017